1. Can international affiliates apply?

Everyone is welcome in our affiliate program.

2. Why should I become an affiliate?

If you are involved in art glass as a seller, instructor, or maker, these videos support the success of your customers and students. As you promote our instructional videos, we'll help you generate additional revenue through your personalized affiliate link.

3. What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a special URL that is associated with your account. When a visitor comes to Bullseye Videos using your special affiliate link and then makes a purchase, you're credited with a commission.

4. How will I be paid, how often, and how much?

Your affiliate account is checked quarterly. The minimum payout is $25. If your commissions don’t meet that minimum, they will accrue and be included in future quarterly payouts.

For new annual subscriptions to Bullseye Videos, you earn a 15% commission. For purchases of Bullseye’s long-format class videos, you earn $5 for each sale.